Welcome to the IPC Portal

Welcome to the WHO Global IPC Portal

This is a resource for all health workers, as well as other professionals working in the field of infection prevention and control (IPC).

It will help you carry out a situational analysis, track progress and understand how to make improvements to IPC at the national and facility levels, in accordance with validated WHO standards and implementation materials.

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Welcome to the IPC Portal

Features and Benefits of the Portal



WHO tools and resources are public goods and therefore freely available for use by all.



Upon completing an assessment, a report with your results will immediately be generated. It will include guidance that will help you improve your IPC programme and/or activities and links to relevant WHO tools and resources.



All data will be kept confidential and secure in accordance with WHO policies.

Easy to use

Easy to use

The tools are accessible via mobile or desktop application, with a clear layout and intuitive navigation.


A living tool

Content and functionality will evolve according to popularity with users and WHO priorities.

IPC minimum requirements tool

Ongoing global surveys

See below for a list of current global surveys being administered through the WHO IPC global portal. For any technical assistance or issues, please contact ipcportal@who.int

Participants of the WHO Global Survey on IPC minimum requirements please click here.

Assessment tools

IPC national assessments

National level assessment tool

IPC minimum requirements assessment tool at national level (IPCAT MR)

This tool assists countries in determining whether they meet the minimum requirements for each IPC core component. The subsequent results report provides signposting to guidance, in cases where the minimum requirements are not met. To learn more and try the assessment tool, click view available assessments.

IPC facility assessments

Facility level assessment tools

IPC assessment framework at facility level (IPCAF)

This framework will enable assessment of the IPC situation in a health care facility and identify strengths and gaps that can inform improvement plans to help the facility to meet international standards and requirements. To learn more and try the assessment tool, click view available assessments.